Non Man Entry Tank cleaning

Non Man Entry Tank cleaning using the new Superior Manway Cannon system from STRYKER HYDRALINK (SHMC)

In a market where many manufacturers are offering their manway cannons STRYKER HYDRALINK stand out in front of and above them all.

Superior design that Out Shoots, Out Performs, Eclipses and Confines other systems to the history books.

Designed by fluid hydrodynamics flow engineers creating the most powerful and efficient manway cannon on the market.

With side or roof manway operation New Modular version

ROV self-assembly (optional) all hydraulic drive of Pressure pump and Sludge pump with 100HP HPU unit all controlled from the operator control console with infinitely variable speed pressure and flow

MWC Recirculation & Filtration Tank allowing large solids removal and final filtration before being recirculated through the pressure pump and cannon.

Full automatic gas and oxygen detection system with automatic shutdown allowing tanks to be cleaned under ventilation or with a Nitrogen Purge.

Built and certified to ATEX or UL as required.

The SHMC can be used on land storage tanks that are used for storing a variety of oils and petroleum products including crude oil, slop oil, black fuel oil, diesel, gasoline or petrol, aviation fuel, lubrication oil and many others. The tanks can be also be horizontal and can also be ships or land tanks used for drilling fluids and residues where entry of the Manway Cannon is from the top or the side.

Tanks accumulate sludge in the bottom and this can become not pumpable by usual means. This is where the tank owner has two choices, the first being the old and dangerous method of sending men inside a tank to add liquid and pump out the residue using either vacuum or some other sort of pump. This method it still used in many areas of the world and fatalities are frequent because of this.

The SHMC is a very safe and modern method to carry out the cleaning of tanks up to 80m diameter using two manway cannons mounted on two of the tank manways. Only one manway cannon is in action at one time which allows the operator to have unrestricted view from the manway cannon cameras which is assisted by the powerful lights fitted to each cannon. The operator has a view from each manway cannon on screens on his control panel desk. The cameras and lights may be moved to give the operator a full view of the inside of the tank and the operation being carried out by the SHMC. The operator also has fingertip pan and zoom facility.

The mode of operation is for the operator to direct the jet from one of the manway cannons into the sludge or solids on the tank floor in order to disturb and fluidize it with the liquid jet from the manway cannon. A draw off point or a hydraulic pump is used to evacuate the fluidized sludge and liquid. The location of this will depend on tank’s construction being coned up or coned down. The operator can stop and re start the pump that provides the pressure to the manway cannons when he sees that the sludge and liquid is being evacuated by the pump and restarted when this slows down. The operator must be aware that whatever he puts into the tank via the manway cannon has to be evacuated with the fluidized sludge and is therefore careful to control this stopping the flow to the cannon whilst the fluidized and dislodged sludge is flowing to the pump. When this stops or slows down he may restart the flow through the cannon.

The liquid or cutter stock that is pumped to the manway cannons comes from the MRFT tank which is filled prior to starting the job. The pumped sludge and liquid evacuated from the tank is returned into the MRFT that has weir compartments and heavy solids drop out to settle in the bottom of the tanks compartments. The final compartment has a filter screen to remove any solids that would damage the pressure pump that takes its suction from this compartment. This process allows the recirculation of the cutter stock and removal of large solids for reuse through the system.

This allows a reduction of the amount of liquid used to clean a tank and a result with a minimum amount of residue left for disposal and recovery of good quality oil. Also no confined space entry is required whilst a tank has a product and or vapors in it.

Note a Manway cannon can only be used where the tank manways can be removed safely as the level is below them. For tanks with levels above the manways STRYKER HYDRALINK tanksweeps are recommended.

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